Berburu Wisata Semarang dengan Jalan Kaki

We walked together at the night to go around Semarang just to find an old cake shop and restaurant called Toko Oen not far from the Kota Lama (Old City or Oudstadt, and also ‘Little Netherlands’) on Pemuda Street, started from Simpang lima Semarang to Lawang Sewu then into Parangon Mall Semarang. Hello World! Travelling ke Semarang luar biasa karenaContinue reading “Berburu Wisata Semarang dengan Jalan Kaki”

Keliling Wisata Semarang

The name  “Semarang”,  is believed  derived from its founder, Raden Made Pandan Arang, who built the city at a delta  called Pergota or Pragota, that was  dotted with tamarind trees, locally known as “Asam Arang”. The city of Semarang was declared a region on May 2nd, 1547 with Kyai Ageng Pandan Arang II, the son of Raden Made Pandan, as its regent.Continue reading “Keliling Wisata Semarang”

Dari Monumen Perjuangan Bandung hingga ke Air Panas Ciater

Immature love says “I love you because I need you. Mature love says “I need you because I love you” By Erich Fromm Hello World, Hello Universe! Catatan perjalanan kali ini tentang wisata Bandung, Jawa Barat. Kalau aku mengatakannya keliling Bandung Part I dimana pertama kalinya menginjakkan kaki ke kota Bandung dengan ala nekat sertaContinue reading “Dari Monumen Perjuangan Bandung hingga ke Air Panas Ciater”

Libur ke Kebun Stawberry Bandung

Strawberry Gardens is a leading agro products from Bandung regency, especially in the area of ​​Ciwidey. Strawberry Gardens Ciwidey area there are many traditional strawberry garden to the professional processing. Tourists can freely choose any garden and picking yourself right. In addition to the Ciwidey, strawberry garden can also be encountered in thearea of ​​Lembang. Here you can freely choose which one you like strawberries you learnedpreviously you will be given kranjang and scissors to pick fruit and strawberry fruit on theshow which is ready for picking. Almost every garden strawberry in Ciwidey, provide a place where each person can picktheir own. strawberry quality that is in very good Ciwidey with kuran great fruit, color andflavor of fresh strawberries. If you are heading to the White Crater or Rancabali Tea Plantation, you can stop for a whileto enjoy strawberry picking in Ciwidey Bandung. Some places that can be covered include: Strawberry gardens around Situ Patenggang, White tea gardens around the crater,  Strawberry gardens around Rancabali, Strawberry gardens around Pasir Jambu. (Chu Living) Hello World, HelloContinue reading “Libur ke Kebun Stawberry Bandung”

Travelling ke Museum Fatahillah Jakarta

Fatahillah Museum (Jakarta History Museums) called the Stadhuis, was built in 1710 by Governor General van Riebeeckhoused in the former City Hall located in the old part of the city now known as Jakarta Kota, some hundred meters behind the port and warehouses of Sunda Kelapa. Jakarta  History Museum  displays the history of Jakarta from prehistoricContinue reading “Travelling ke Museum Fatahillah Jakarta”

Travelling ke Museum Taman Prasasti Jakarta

The Museum Taman Prasasti or Park of memorial stones and small inscription museum occupies part of the land that in the past was one of Jakarta’s old cemeteries. The cemeteries was established in 1975 and known as Kebun Jhe Kober. The museum Tman Prasati is a remnant of an 18th century ceremetery. The museum housesContinue reading “Travelling ke Museum Taman Prasasti Jakarta”

Catatan Perjalanan ke Museum Nasional Jakarta di Hari Libur

“Museum of Nasional has about 141.000 objects consisted of prehistoric collection, archaeology, numismatic, heraldic and ceramic, enthography, history and geography. Old building used to collection exhibition room and storage and new building for conference room, laboratory, library and others. The exsistance of Museum National began with the establishment of Bataviaasch Genootschap van Kunsten en Watenschappen.Continue reading “Catatan Perjalanan ke Museum Nasional Jakarta di Hari Libur”

Dokumentasi Perjalanan ke Danau Linting

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succed is more important than any others Abraham Lincoln Hello Worl, Hello Universe! Bicara tentang tempat wisata di Medan, wisata Medan, tempat menarik di Medan tidak akan pernah habis karena pariwisata Sumatera Utara amat sangat banyak untuk dituntaskan. Dan sebagai orang Batak aku bangga akan tanah kelahiranku,Continue reading “Dokumentasi Perjalanan ke Danau Linting”

Menelusuri Gua di Bantul Yogyakarta

“Do not ask me how could i arrive in Bantul, a town and the capital city of Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta, Indonesia because i made it with my small step. I let my self lost in ocean of joyfull life” Hello World, Hello Universe! Perjalanan keduaku ke Yogyakarta telah mengantarkanku ke wisata Goa Payaman, hanya dengan ajakanContinue reading “Menelusuri Gua di Bantul Yogyakarta”

Travelling di Singapore

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever By Mahatma Gandhi” Hello World, Hello Universe!   Hari terakhir travelling di Singapura setelah semalam aku mengalami kejadian aneh dalam hidupku selama perjalanan berlangsung. Jadi aku dari Melaca, Malaysia itu nyampenya malam di Singapura karena aku ketinggalan bus yangContinue reading “Travelling di Singapore”

Travelling di Tanjung Gelam

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead wheer theer is no path and leave a trail -Ralph Waldo Emerson Hello World,  Hello Universe! Masih dengan celoteh backpacker tentang edisi ekpedisi perjalanan Karimun Jawa dengan temanku Zahra, Helga, Danang, Ferry dan Singgih. Di hari pertama di Pulau Karimun Jawa, kegiatan kami full untukContinue reading “Travelling di Tanjung Gelam”

Sigale-Gale dan Pakaian Adat Batak

Danau Toba or Lake Toba is a supervolcano with big lake which is  located on Sumatera Utara, Medan. In the middle of Toba Lake, there is an island called Pulau Samosir. On Samosir there is an unique culture and interesting show “Sigale Gale”. Sigale-gale is a puppet dancer from wood with Batak tranditional clothes “Ulos”.Continue reading “Sigale-Gale dan Pakaian Adat Batak”