Libur ke Kebun Stawberry Bandung

Strawberry Gardens is a leading agro products from Bandung regency, especially in the area of ​​Ciwidey. Strawberry Gardens Ciwidey area there are many traditional strawberry garden to the professional processing. Tourists can freely choose any garden and picking yourself right. In addition to the Ciwidey, strawberry garden can also be encountered in thearea of ​​Lembang. Here you can freely choose which one you like strawberries you learnedpreviously you will be given kranjang and scissors to pick fruit and strawberry fruit on theshow which is ready for picking. Almost every garden strawberry in Ciwidey, provide a place where each person can picktheir own. strawberry quality that is in very good Ciwidey with kuran great fruit, color andflavor of fresh strawberries. If you are heading to the White Crater or Rancabali Tea Plantation, you can stop for a whileto enjoy strawberry picking in Ciwidey Bandung. Some places that can be covered include: Strawberry gardens around Situ Patenggang, White tea gardens around the crater,  Strawberry gardens around Rancabali, Strawberry gardens around Pasir Jambu. (Chu Living) Hello World, HelloContinue reading “Libur ke Kebun Stawberry Bandung”

Perjalanan ke Situs Gunung Padang Megalitikum Cianjur

“One of the world’s best megalithic structures is Stonehenge in Willtshire, United Kingdom. But Indonesia has the biggest megalithic site in Southest Asia which located in Cianjur, Jawa Barat Indonesia. A mysterious of megalithic structures in Indonesia is Gunung Padang Site. Gunung Padang Site has some dolmens, menhirs, stone table, the punden step pyramid” PandangankuContinue reading “Perjalanan ke Situs Gunung Padang Megalitikum Cianjur”