Tidak Sengaja jalan-jalan ke Ngarai Sianok di Bukittinggi

I do not regret what I have been through. I have had ups and downs, super highs and some really low lows. I have been so blessed that i could never say, ‘I wish this did not happen’. Its part of who I am. There is nothing in my life that’s so ugh By JenniferContinue reading “Tidak Sengaja jalan-jalan ke Ngarai Sianok di Bukittinggi”

Sensasi Blusukan di Lobang Jepang Bukittingi

The ultimate lesson all of us have to learn is unconditional love, which includes not only others but ourselves as well. By Elisabeth Ross Hello World Bukittinggi, ‎06 January  ‎2012 Bukittinggi merupakan salah satu tujuan wisata  Sumatera Barat yang aku suka karena merupakan Kota impian yang ingin aku kunjungi sejak SMP. Plesiran ke Bukittiggi di awalContinue reading “Sensasi Blusukan di Lobang Jepang Bukittingi”