20 Tempat Wisata Menarik di Jakarta

Hold quick to dreams for if dreams pass on  Life is a broken-winged feathered creature  That can’t fly Hold quick to dreams  for when dreams go Life is a fruitless field  Solidified with snow (By Unknown) Hello World! Jakarta sebagai ibukota Negara Indonesia dipastikan memiliki berbagai tempat menarik yang bisa dikunjungi oleh pelancong. Buat yangContinue reading “20 Tempat Wisata Menarik di Jakarta”

Suasana Internasional Jakarta Marathon 2013

The 1st Jakarta International Marathon hold last 27th October 2013. The start and finish point for international marathon lacated in Monas (National Monument). The race took route showing Jakarta’s uniqueness, beauty and diversity with its iconic landmarks. Marathon and Half Marathon runners also get to soak up the festive atmosphere as they run around the heritageContinue reading “Suasana Internasional Jakarta Marathon 2013”