Trip to Singkarak lake

Hell everyone,


So, I am going to write about our trip to Singkarak lake, again, as my first post somehow ended up empty, and since I kept no copy of the text I am doomed to write it all again… Hurray…

So Winny and I decided to get around and visit some place. As we knew there is 2 lakes around our area, we had to choose between Singkarak and Maninjau. As we got ourselves told that Maninjau was harder to access and that to get to either it was a 2 h drives, we decided, without a second thought, to go for the easy way… come on 2 h drive means 4 h round trip… that is quite a ride on a motorbike, we didn’t want to make things even more complicated.


So we wake up, it was raining outside… Winny go back to sleep and we both assumed that we had to call it off for today…  A bit later the rain stopped and a bright sun replaced it, I let Winny rest as she was looking like she could use some extra sleep. When she woke up, around 11 am, we decided, considering the weather to try our luck and go to the lake after a quick lunch. And so did we, at 12.30 pm we went on our way to the lake.

As it happen, it is not a 2 h ride but rather a 3 h ride that was ahead of us and we got ourselves some rain to add to the fun. When we finally arrived at around 3.30 pm. After emptying our gas tank on the endless hilly roads leading to the place, we finally arrived and we were tired but happy to finally discover that the lake that happened to be awfully dull!


Seriously, we almost did a complete tour of it and there is nothing worth seeing beside the general landscape… no beach, no waterfall, nothing special… at all… We saw the usual infrastructures you ought to see around a lake, like a small harbor and a few houses and such… but nothing that justify a 4 h ride.

Disappointed, we turned ourselves toward the local food. We assumed, stupidly, that since it is a lake… with fishermen… and fish traps (or farms, unsure), that the local restaurants would serve some local fish. They don’t… Maybe we missed them somehow, but we didn’t see one place that would cook local fish for us. The only place that would sell us some local fish was a place selling dried / fried stuffs Indonesian people love to eat (never quite grasped why) and the said fish were ridiculously small and expensive… Winny liked them, as you might have guessed, I didn’t… I don’t like anything anyway…

So once again we got let down by the harsh reality and we decided to eat and drink a bit before hitting the road again back home.


That is where the fun continued… halfway through it, the sun set and we had to drive in the dark; and to make it even better, we had ourselves a good old tropical rain, the one that feels like you got a waterfall above you. After about 30 mn under the rain we stopped at a gorengan (fried food) place to wait for the rain to calm down a little. We ate our dinner there and got back on the road after 30 mn or so. Luckily home was just an hour away and the rain got much weaker and even stopped at some point. We reached home at 9 pm exhausted, with the feeling that we wasted our day.


Understand me well… I am not saying the lake is ugly or anything, it is actually an alright place. But it definitely not worth 6 h drive round trip, especially if you are staying around for a limited time only.


All the best


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