Trekking Ampang river waterfalls

Hello Everyone, today I would like to write a small article (long overdue) about a really nice place I’ve got the chance to explore: Ampang river waterfalls.

I went there with some of my coworkers, we drove from Kuala Lumpur to a side of a road near ATV adventures and Kombat zone (paintball). Truth is the trek is not well indicated at all but the track is used a lot by the ATVs from ATV adventures, so if you don’t know where to start, asking around will put you back on the good tracks.

Ampang fall track
Ampang fall track

The trek itself is a nice short and relatively easy one, why do I say “relatively”, few reasons to that:
– The trek is also used by ATVs, with mean you need to pay attention to them (and sadly, you may forget about the peaceful/wild experience.
– Some parts of the trek are quite steep and slipery. You don’t need a rope but you need to mind your steps

Other than that, it was a nice little trek, not stressful that can easily be enjoyed by anyone.

Ampang falls
Ampang falls

Once we’ve been through the trekking part, we arrived at the falls. It’s not grandiose like the chamang falls I wrote about in a previous post but it’s a cute little place, sadly the main part was crowded with ATVs users and other tourists. If you are looking for more intimacy, I recommand you to follow the track that goes to the top of the falls. Little less impressive, but a lot quieter and in my opinion much nicer.

You can also go down the stream but it is, in my opinion much less interesting and doesn’t really worth a go.

Ampang fall upper section
Ampang fall upper section

The upper section is quite short (sadly) but you have some nice shallow pools where you may have a dip and have what I like to call “water massage” (it basically means sitting under rapid current to feel the water pressing on your back), I know it’s a bit silly but I quite like that.


You also have weird construction if you go all the way up the stream. I dunno what it is but the fact that it is here gives the whole place some kind of athmosphere that makes you feel that you are alone in the whole world (not in a scary way).

Truth to be told I heard quite bad reviews about the waterfalls around Kuala Lumpur, saying it was polluted and full of leeches; and maybe it is true about most of them.

Ampang falls upper section
Ampang falls upper section

But this one is not so bad. There were some rotten remains of a barbecue when i went there and a few other rubbish here and there, but overall the place was relatively clean. As for the leeches… sadly… there were some tiny little ones hidding here and there but they stay away from the sun and rapid water, so better get there when the sun is shiny. But if you’ve been to Taman negara or other places where leeches are even bigger, you’ll not be bothered by thoses. Truth is there are so small that you hardly notice them.

I’d still redo it with a lot of pleasure and if you are not looking for a spotless place (if you are, Malaysia overall is not a great pick) or a place with absolutely no leeches (Malaysia is not a great pick for this one either); you’ll have a good time and shouldn’t be bothered much by either of those (sadly) constant problems in Malaysia.

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